You asked for it!

Votes are in! I’m gunna start blogging some of my favorite recipes and some of the bomb dinners I’ve been making lately!

So here’s the deal, I’m kiiiiinda a picky eater so I love to take recipes and give them my own little Evie twist. It usually starts with an idea I get from either Food network, a cookbook, Pinterest, or I just ask Jeff if there’s anything he’s been wanting lately, then I literally either follow the recipe to a T or if I’m up for it I give it my own little upgrade!

I’ve had a few of you ask me about my Maple Dijon Chicken dinner (and yes that shi’ was bomb) but guess what, it came from a recipe off of Pinterest! I definitely switched this one up a bit so here’s my version!

Don’t worry guys, I promise I’ll get a little more creative and “bloggy” with these posts! By the way,  this chicken would be perfect on a salad or panini, just sayin. And side note, Jeff was proud that I finally made just enough food for two people. Yeah I usually cook for an army. What can I say, I’m Armenian. It’s what we do!