{Tobi x Evie} + {Updates!}

I recently had the chance to work with one of my favorites {Shop Tobi} for a collaboration and show off some of their super cute stuff! I have to admit, one of my favorite things to shoot was this wine colored sweater dress because legit it is the coziest thing and I literally just sat around my house for hours in it drinking my tea… not too bad for a shoot now is it?! The other items are actually pretty perfect for this endless summer we’re having in Newport Beach. I mean what is with this hot weather amiright?  So links are below so you guys can go straight to their site and order these items for yourself!!

Off the Shoulder Sweater dress

Flutter Sleeve Crop Top

Lace Up Shift Dress

What we’ve been up to lately…

So the past few weeks have been kinda crazy. Jeff’s been working a ton and I’ve been missin’ my man. BUT to cope with being home alone a lot, I’ve been making some pretty yummy dinners (which you’ve seen if you’ve been watching my IG stories!).

One of my girlfriends threw an amazing Beetlejuice themed Halloween party last weekend to which I am still recovering from (shout out to the bartender who turned that party up with her heavy pours). It took me a while to decide what I wanted to be but sort of last minute we went with the Day of the Dead costumes {See iPhone pic below}.

And as of lately we’re just gettin through each day, workin away, and thinking about when and where we’re gunna take our next trip! Any suggestions?

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≑ALOHA≑ ↠↞ ✧Høneymøøners✧

So lets just keep this one short shall we? Two days after the wedding, Jeff and I hopped on a plane and jetted off to the gorg island of Maui, Hawaii and spent 11 days in honeymoon heaven. There was snorkeling (lots of it), shaved ice (lots of that too), jumping off of rocks, jungle bungalows, and pretty much anything else you can expect from a Hawaiian honeymoon.

But to give you a better idea…

We spent the first week at the most amazing resort, the Andaz Resort in Wailea where we were totally spoiled and recovered from wedding crazytown. I can’t say enough about how incredible this place is and how much I just LOVE everything about it, from the beyond beautiful room with a even more beautiful view, the fabulous drinks, live music, and so so so many amenities. I never wanted to leave the resort during the day! Luckily one of the best snorkel spots in the area was right out front! Also, totally random but some great friends of ours happen to be staying just a few steps away so we OF COURSE raged with them for a few days (seriously so much fun).

Next we adventured over to the east side of the island and explored the unbelievable towns Hana and Nahiku. We stayed in a super cute cottage right in the middle of the jungle and aside from all of the geckos (sorry but they are kinda gross) we LOVED how secluded we were.

Finally we wrapped up the trip in Kaanapali. We continued the snorkel adventures and enjoyed every last bit of Hawaiian surf and sun and of course lots more shaved ice.

Here’s a ton (sorry) of photos, both styled and fun ones from our amazing trip! But just incase you can’t get enough… heres a fun little video we made from all of our little adventures!!! Side note, let me apologize for the excessive shaka signals. When in Rome amiright?

Jeff + Evie’s Hawaiian Honeymoon Video!




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