So here’s the story…

Ok so for the longest time, I’ve kept a lot of my personal life separate from my blog because it’s just something I like to keep for myself. But this year’s gunna be a little life changin’, so I thought this would be a great time to share some fun things I’ve got coming up and how I kinda got to where I am with it. Oh and totally brag about my super cute engagement photos from my friend and amazing photographer, Nicole Clarey!

So seven years ago, I was in college and recently single. I was in one of those, independent-woman-I-just-wanna-have-fun moments in my life (obviously) and then a super handsom baseball player hit me up to hang out. I played it cool, of course, but it didn’t take long for me to be totally smitten over him.

Now I’ll save you from all of the ridiculously and annoyingly cute details, but 3 years later we moved down to Newport Beach together. You can only imagine how often we got the, “So when’s the wedding?!” question. Ugh, kill me now. But ya know, jobs, figuring who we are, what we want…life, you get it. So we decided to ignore the comments and do things in our own time.

So after all this time, he finally did it! We went out to a gorgeous beach in Laguna, there was NO ONE around, and he surprised me with a rock… I mean… ring! I felt every, and I mean EVERY, possible emotion in the world. I thought, here we go!

I still keep this pretty private and don’t share every detail of this process because, like I said, some stuff is just nice to keep for just us. But this is it guys. This is the year that everything’s goin’ down. And I’m getting super excited and little by little I promise I will share all of the fun little adventures with ya’ll, between the planning, showers, bachelorette (ow owww!), and the big big day.

But for now, here’s some incredibly sweet photos of a couple of goofy kids by the talented Nicole Clarey!

Oh, and meet Jeff ♡