✧Happy Mother’s Day… to ME!✧

We’re pregnant!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, why I might have been a little anti social, or probably even posting a lot of cooking stories on my personal account? Well the secret’s out! I’ve been battling first trimester (not just) morning sickness!!! And let me tell you, it has been quite the adventure these past few months. But lets start from the beginning shall we?

I get the question a lot, “did you know you were pregnant?!”. Actually, no! I even took a test and it came back negative! Until I had this really funny feeling and took another one and it came back positive. I found out when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. In fact, I was totally sippin’ on a giant cider at a brewery in Del Mar the weekend before I found out! Calm down I checked, it was fine the baby is fine 😉 The next question is usually, “How did you feel when you found out?!”. I think some people were waiting for the “I totally cried” or “I was SO excited!”. Contrary to their desire for a great story, I was pretty shocked but also I kept it pretty cool. It was almost like I didn’t believe it was real and I needed some more convincing. I did have some fun surprising Jeff that night though. But by then it was pretty obvious we were both on the same page on how we reacted! And finally, “OMG are you SO excited?!” Of course I’m excited people. You’ll just have to excuse the lack of a giant smile on my face while I pull my head out of the toilet from where I’ve been throwing up for the past 3 months 😉

So now’s my chance to get real for one sec. Holy shit first trimester was no joke. Imagine all of those not so great pregnancy symptoms you’ve heard people talk about or even experienced yourself. Yeah, I got all of them. If one more person asks me if I love how big my boobs are getting they are going to get a rainbow sandal across their face. If I hear “oh just wait…” one more time I might punch someone. Am I being a giant baby. Probably! But guess what, I get to be. It has been such a crazy experience mentally, emotionally, and oh yeah SO EFFING physically! But I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say I get it now. To all the moms and pregnant ladies out there that have suffered or are suffering from these horrible symptoms, I have a whole new respect for you. And this is me giving you a big hug.

But most importantly, Jeff and I are actually really looking forward to having our very own little babe and feel so lucky that we get the chance to do this, especially together. We still don’t know the gender and we are happy to wait patiently for a few more weeks until we get to find out. But in the meantime, we are having so much fun imagining, planning, and already nesting together.

So now you know why I might look a little “fuller” or why I probably should have gotten my hair done sooner or why I’ve been dressing kinda randomly lately! <- Literally guys I need some clothes that fit my gigantic boobs and growing tummy! But I’m really excited to share my little adventure along the way. So keep checking back in for the latest on #wildlypregnant #wildlybaby

Kimono, Bodysuit, Nail Polish

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≑ Azizi Life ≑

Based in Rwanda, Azizi Life is committed to creating sustainability in the country while bringing the culture and art to the states. Founded in 2008, Azizi Life has connected groups of local artisans and provided a source for them to sell their craft work, allowing them to provide for themselves and their families! Products range […]

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You asked for it!

Votes are in! I’m gunna start blogging some of my favorite recipes and some of the bomb dinners I’ve been making lately! So here’s the deal, I’m kiiiiinda a picky eater so I love to take recipes and give them my own little Evie twist. It usually starts with an idea I get from either […]

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{Tobi x Evie} + {Updates!}

I recently had the chance to work with one of my favorites {Shop Tobi} for a collaboration and show off some of their super cute stuff! I have to admit, one of my favorite things to shoot was this wine colored sweater dress because legit it is the coziest thing and I literally just sat […]

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✧ Øur Little Garden ✧

So a few years ago I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to put some plants around our place. He suggested to start with a few succulents, since he already knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle anything else. Sure ‘nough, the succulents didn’t last more than 2 years. But when we […]

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In case you were wondering…

Alright, I’ve gotten a lot of “Ev, where you been?!” or “how’s the blog going?!”. But here’s the deal. I work full time, I feel like I’m gone every weekend for someone else’s exciting life event, and to be honest… lately I really would rather spend my down time (if there ever is any) in comfy […]

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✧ Mermaid Mønday ✧

Alright guys, I’m gunna share a little secret with you. And the reason why it’s a secret is because it’s so amazing and I want to keep it all to myself! but… A lot of people ask me about my hair and I must say, other than having an amazing hair stylist, I have to use […]

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