In case you were wondering…

Alright, I’ve gotten a lot of “Ev, where you been?!” or “how’s the blog going?!”. But here’s the deal. I work full time, I feel like I’m gone every weekend for someone else’s exciting life event, and to be honest… lately I really would rather spend my down time (if there ever is any) in comfy clothes on my couch, crushing Netflix. So here’s what we’re gunna do for my get-back-in-the-game blog post. We’re gunna show ya’ll exactly what I’m doing on a pretty regular bases when I’m not at a desk or on the road. And oh yeah…. or planning a wedding.

We moved to our new place at the end of last year and I have to say my favorite thing in the whole wide world is nesting. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on. It’s my therapy. It’s my happy place. I LOVE my little house and I love even more to make it home for Jeff & Max. The newest addition… this adorable coffee table book. And ya’ll know I have an addiction to cute coffee table books. Specifically books on dope interior design.

So the other night Jeff talked me into going with him to some rando place for dinner (it sucked but I got a really big margarita so baby girl wasn’t mad about it) and I talked him into taking me to Anthro. Naturally I couldn’t walk out without a souvenir… naturally. So we grabbed this little cutie to dec our coffee table this summer. It’s pretty cool. And I know what you’re wondering and the answer is YES I actually look through the books.

But more importantly, here’s a little peek at what mornings look like in our house. And I know what you’re thinking… Yes I totally woke up like this…. HA! Ummnooo of course I put on make up DUH because why would I put gross pictures of myself on the internet. Come’on guys. Really.

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