A little space just for him ♡

Ok guys, I’m so so so excited to share the heart and soul I put into my baby boy’s room so far! All that’s left is a handful of items from the registry and then finally, last but not least, our little coconut boy! It’s funny, ya know, trying to decide how to create a little space for a tiny human being. I’ve gotten the “what’s the theme?!” questions a couple times too. It’s pretty simple, I stuck with simple furniture I knew I liked and could live with for anymore babies to come, and then just picked out little decor pieces I liked and just kinda hoped everything would go together! But more importantly, I wanted to give my babe a place where he felt safe, calm, happy, and himself! Safe to say, I’m more than happy with my little project! Sometimes I just sit and rock in my chair and take in his itty bitty piece of heaven and think “damn I wish I slept in this room” haha! I’m sure Jeff thinks I’m nuts when I do this! A couple of my friends joked I should decorate rooms for a living. Hard pass! But it’s kinda crazy how perfect (at least thats how I feel) something can turn out when it’s made out of pure love! And that’s where you come in baby boy! We’re waitin’ and oh so ready for ya! Two more months. Two more months buddy boy and I can’t wait to rock you, feed you, dress you up, and play with you in your very own room!