A few weeks late, but we’re (a little over) halfway there! If you’ve been following along my posts and stories, you should be pretty up to date. But these past few months have been nothing short of an adventure! Thought I would share a little recap of what our first of pregnancy has been like…

Most of you know, the first trimester was ROUGH. I talked about in my last post, so we’ll skip over all of that. Good news is I actually feel great now!!

We absolutely LOVE our doctor. Being a transplant to Newport Beach, we really never figured out the whole doctor thing after 6 years of living here! I was given my doctors information from a friend and I seriously lucked out. She is amazing and I could not be happier! Having a good doctor is seriously a game changer guys and I recommend y’all do your research, get recommendations, and make sure you love them!!

The bod. Oh man guys have I been experience some fun physical changes. I mean obviously that was going to happen, duh. But when your bra size goes from a 32 D to 34G, that is some serious comedy. I can’t tell if people are being nice or really can’t tell, but from what I’ve been told it doesn’t look as bad as I feel. If there’s one thing for sure, I am walking proof that not every pregnancy or person are the same! But also, if one more person asks if Jeff loves my gigantic boobs or the god awful “just wait”, I might smack them across the face. Just sayin.

Prenatal massages. I’ve had 2 and they re amazing! I’ve been having some pretty terrible lower back pain which is normal (I think), and they have been so nice. I also LOVE getting in the pool and just floating and relieving the new weight. Ugh gravity is a bitch amiright? Click here for my favorite massage therapy spot!

As far as getting the house ready, well you really wouldn’t even know we were having a baby if you came over to hang out. Am I behind schedule? I should be getting a few furniture items soon, and I’ll start ordering more soon. But where is that window between too soon and procrastinating?

But overall its been a fairly smooth ride. I love my pregnancy apps (click here for my favorite pregnancy apps! The Bump, Ovia, What to Expect) and they’ve become my routine check every morning. What size fruit is bebe today?! What’s new with his development?! But my absolute favorite part of where is I am is feeling our little coconut dancing around in my tummy all. day. long!