Carmel | Big Sur

So after a few days in Chicago with the bestie, I rushed back to California for my sweet friend Chelsea’s wedding in Pebble Beach! The 4 hour plane ride from Chicago to LA and then six hour car drive from LA to Carmel was not ideal but it was all worth it to be able to see my friend marry the love of her life in a gorgeous wedding at Spanish Bay. I have to admit, on hour 3 of the drive I was asking myself why I decided it was a good idea to commit to it, but I love my friend it was the probably one of the funnest weddings I have been to. And trust me when I say I’m a seasoned wedding goer/bridesmaid.



So the morning after the wedding, of course we woke up to a complete power outage in the entire area, Carmel, Monterey.. everywhere. We were looking for a gas station but everything was closed from the outage. It was actually kinda funny to see everyone freaking out, like this was totally end of the world status. So we finally found a functioning gas station (phew!) and decided to just head out to Big Sur since nothing was open in Carmel.

It has been a long time but the drive on Pacific Coast Highway is GORGEOUS and Big Sur is so rad. And we stopped off at a couple of great spots, like McWay Falls (duh).


Even though I was so tired from traveling I loved being back at the central coast, celebrating my sweet friend getting married and exploring the gorgeous beaches of Carmel and Big Sur.

“Something good will come of all things yet- and it will be golden and eternal just like that.” – Jack Kerouac, Big Sur


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My Kinda Laundry


So if you follow my Instagram you have a pretty good idea that my personal style is more on the softer side. I mean don’t get me wrong I love to throw in some edge, but I’m definitely you’re typical barefoot, t-shirt and cut-offs kinda girl.


When I found this Knot Sisters tunic from Love & Laundry Boutique I just about died and went to heaven. Trust me when I say it is the softest thing EVER and it was the perfect outfit for a warm night out on the beach!


Definitely check out Love & Laundry Boutique for more super cute and cozy outfits ✥✥✥


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