Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

So let me be very clear that skincare is kind of a big thing for me. I’ve always had to be very careful with the products I use, from my makeup and face washes to even my hair care products. I have super sensitive skin. Even a speck of hairspray on my skin can result in a blemish! Ugh the struggle was RE-AL. But can I just say, if there’s one thing I have loved about pregnancy, it’s that my skin has never been better! And you’re going to be pretty surprised when I tell you what I’ve been doing for skin care…

So when I found out I was pregnant, I immediately stopped using my skin care products. I read the labels, looked up the ingredients to make sure they were safe/unsafe for pregnancy, and the results were basically “meh I wouldn’t use this for now”. So moving forward I did used the following products and in these steps…


I have been using and continued to use THESE face cloths for make up removal (I use 2 each time) and then rinse really well with water.

Spritz with THIS facial spray!


Ok so this might get a little weird, but I love using natural ingredients for my skin! From mosquito bites to exfoliating and cleansing my skin, baking soda with a little bit of water can do amazing things guys! I make a little baking soda mask and let it set on my skin for about 10-15 mins and then as I wash off I scrub into my skin to exfoliate!

Then right after, I make a little mask with egg whites and lemon juice! Egg whites have astringent properties that help shrink pores by tightening the skin and the lemon juice (aside from making your face smell like a sweet little lemon) has vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help brighten and lighten your skin when used over time! And also is antibacterial for any dirt and germs!

Then again spritzing my face with THIS!


So definitely keep in mind that everyone is so different and if you’re going to try this, your skin might be totally different than mine! If you’re allergic to or have sensitivity to any of the above products either stop or don’t use them at all!

Sometimes I wonder if I wasn’t doing my skin a favor my stripping it of it’s natural oils and all of the “care” I was doing was backfiring. Only time will tell as my hormones continue to rage on and change (dramatically) over these next months and postpartum. TBD but I’ll keep y’all posted. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of my glowing, baby soft face and pray to God it doesn’t change!


Photography: Carlene Olea Photography

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A few weeks late, but we’re (a little over) halfway there! If you’ve been following along my posts and stories, you should be pretty up to date. But these past few months have been nothing short of an adventure! Thought I would share a little recap of what our first of pregnancy has been like…

Most of you know, the first trimester was ROUGH. I talked about in my last post, so we’ll skip over all of that. Good news is I actually feel great now!!

We absolutely LOVE our doctor. Being a transplant to Newport Beach, we really never figured out the whole doctor thing after 6 years of living here! I was given my doctors information from a friend and I seriously lucked out. She is amazing and I could not be happier! Having a good doctor is seriously a game changer guys and I recommend y’all do your research, get recommendations, and make sure you love them!!

The bod. Oh man guys have I been experience some fun physical changes. I mean obviously that was going to happen, duh. But when your bra size goes from a 32 D to 34G, that is some serious comedy. I can’t tell if people are being nice or really can’t tell, but from what I’ve been told it doesn’t look as bad as I feel. If there’s one thing for sure, I am walking proof that not every pregnancy or person are the same! But also, if one more person asks if Jeff loves my gigantic boobs or the god awful “just wait”, I might smack them across the face. Just sayin.

Prenatal massages. I’ve had 2 and they re amazing! I’ve been having some pretty terrible lower back pain which is normal (I think), and they have been so nice. I also LOVE getting in the pool and just floating and relieving the new weight. Ugh gravity is a bitch amiright? Click here for my favorite massage therapy spot!

As far as getting the house ready, well you really wouldn’t even know we were having a baby if you came over to hang out. Am I behind schedule? I should be getting a few furniture items soon, and I’ll start ordering more soon. But where is that window between too soon and procrastinating?

But overall its been a fairly smooth ride. I love my pregnancy apps (click here for my favorite pregnancy apps! The Bump, Ovia, What to Expect) and they’ve become my routine check every morning. What size fruit is bebe today?! What’s new with his development?! But my absolute favorite part of where is I am is feeling our little coconut dancing around in my tummy all. day. long!

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✧Happy Mother’s Day… to ME!✧

We’re pregnant!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, why I might have been a little anti social, or probably even posting a lot of cooking stories on my personal account? Well the secret’s out! I’ve been battling first trimester (not just) morning sickness!!! And let me tell you, it has been quite the adventure these past few months. But lets start from the beginning shall we?

I get the question a lot, “did you know you were pregnant?!”. Actually, no! I even took a test and it came back negative! Until I had this really funny feeling and took another one and it came back positive. I found out when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. In fact, I was totally sippin’ on a giant cider at a brewery in Del Mar the weekend before I found out! Calm down I checked, it was fine the baby is fine 😉 The next question is usually, “How did you feel when you found out?!”. I think some people were waiting for the “I totally cried” or “I was SO excited!”. Contrary to their desire for a great story, I was pretty shocked but also I kept it pretty cool. It was almost like I didn’t believe it was real and I needed some more convincing. I did have some fun surprising Jeff that night though. But by then it was pretty obvious we were both on the same page on how we reacted! And finally, “OMG are you SO excited?!” Of course I’m excited people. You’ll just have to excuse the lack of a giant smile on my face while I pull my head out of the toilet from where I’ve been throwing up for the past 3 months 😉

So now’s my chance to get real for one sec. Holy shit first trimester was no joke. Imagine all of those not so great pregnancy symptoms you’ve heard people talk about or even experienced yourself. Yeah, I got all of them. If one more person asks me if I love how big my boobs are getting they are going to get a rainbow sandal across their face. If I hear “oh just wait…” one more time I might punch someone. Am I being a giant baby. Probably! But guess what, I get to be. It has been such a crazy experience mentally, emotionally, and oh yeah SO EFFING physically! But I’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say I get it now. To all the moms and pregnant ladies out there that have suffered or are suffering from these horrible symptoms, I have a whole new respect for you. And this is me giving you a big hug.

But most importantly, Jeff and I are actually really looking forward to having our very own little babe and feel so lucky that we get the chance to do this, especially together. We still don’t know the gender and we are happy to wait patiently for a few more weeks until we get to find out. But in the meantime, we are having so much fun imagining, planning, and already nesting together.

So now you know why I might look a little “fuller” or why I probably should have gotten my hair done sooner or why I’ve been dressing kinda randomly lately! <- Literally guys I need some clothes that fit my gigantic boobs and growing tummy! But I’m really excited to share my little adventure along the way. So keep checking back in for the latest on #wildlypregnant #wildlybaby

Kimono, Bodysuit, Nail Polish

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✧ Jeff + Evie ✧ September 3, 2017 ✧

Where do I begin…

I can’t even begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of being a bride. Of getting engaged, celebrating with friends and family for the past two years, putting so much of myself and Jeff into planning our dream wedding, and then finally walking down the isle. I’ll never forget the butterflies I felt as blush was being dusted onto my cheeks, as my hair was carefully curled, as my mom helped me into my dress, my friends buckled me into my shoes, and taking one last deep breath before the planners told it was time to see my groom. It was a flutter in my tummy that I had never felt before. I remember thinking, shit was this a good feeling or a bad feeling?! I didn’t really know what this feeling was! Then, as I walked down the stairs, where my groom was standing looking out over the ocean, it all became so clear. This was exactly where I was supposed to be and if I wasn’t so worried about ruining my hair or dress, I would have JUMPED into Jeff’s arms (as I always do at home)!

It started out as a gloomy, humid morning with a chance of rain (are you effing kidding me). For a second I forgot I was in Laguna Beach and felt like I was in Hawaii! I love how everyone felt like they were trying to keep me in the dark as if I didn’t know there was going to be a chance of rain haha like come’on guys, really? This is me, I’m checking the damn weather every 4 minutes. And it was the most incredible thing, as if God knew this was my day and he was going to make it absolutely perfect for me, the clouds parted and the sun came out just in time to make the gems on my dress and headband even more gorgeous and sparkle (as if it couldn’t get any better).

Jeff told me I was beautiful. And that was all that mattered for the rest of the day.

Pictures were pictures. We loved it and hated it all at the same time. At least my photographer is THE BEST and made it fun for our motley crew of a bridal party. Not to mention Common and Simon Cowell popped in for some entertainment – I told them they weren’t invited and to beat it. Kidding they didn’t even talk to us.

The ceremony was hot- pretty sure I lost 5lbs in water weight under my dress, as it was the hottest weekend in Orange County (so that was new), but it worked out because I was nice and tiny for the honeymoon 😉

The dinner and toasts were incredible. I can’t get over my best friend’s maid of honor speech. CRUSHED IT.

Dancing was everything. I loved having all of my friends and family from all different parts of my life together. I mean I was completely high. Really the best thing in the whole wide world.

And then Jeff and I wrapped the night up in our gorgeous honeymoon suit at the resort overlooking our wedding site. I would say it was totally romantic, but the very first thing we did was order burgers from room service and shower off all of the sweat, makeup, and hairspray.

For the sake of not sounding too cliché, it was honestly a night to remember.

Jeff, you are incredible for being my rock and showing up looking fine as all hell.

Mom & Dad, I am so lucky to have such amazing and generous parents to plan and PAY for our entire dream wedding.

To all of my friends and family, thank you so much for making the trip to our favorite spot, where Jeff and I truly started our life together. And most importantly for making us feel so damn special and partying the night away with us (actually partying the whole weekend with us)!

Here’s some photos (seriously, only some- theres SO much more) and our little highlight film. We love it all. So if you’re reading this, I hope you do too ♡

Venue: The Montage Resort, Laguna Beach

Photography: Nicole Clarey Photography

Videography: Anna Lord Studio

Event Planning and Coordination: Beijos Events

Florals: JL Designs

Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige, The White Dress

Headband: Renee Pawele

Bridesmaids: The Des Group, The White Dress

Groom + Groomsman: The Black Tux 

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≑ Azizi Life ≑

Based in Rwanda, Azizi Life is committed to creating sustainability in the country while bringing the culture and art to the states. Founded in 2008, Azizi Life has connected groups of local artisans and provided a source for them to sell their craft work, allowing them to provide for themselves and their families!

Products range from beautiful woven baskets to bags to candles, all skillfully crafted from locally-sourced materials. The baskets specifically highlight Rwandan traditional and modern design. And with the holidays right around the corner, yikes, these products make for the most unique and meaningful gifts! For more products and details click here!

There’s a few ways to get involved with Azizi Life! From volunteers to even holding fundraisers and supporting sales! Click here to learn more about getting involved!

To learn more about the artisans creating these amazing works of art and Azizi Life, check out!

Products pictured: Tea Swirl BasketBanana Leaf Nesting Tray Set

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You asked for it!

Votes are in! I’m gunna start blogging some of my favorite recipes and some of the bomb dinners I’ve been making lately!

So here’s the deal, I’m kiiiiinda a picky eater so I love to take recipes and give them my own little Evie twist. It usually starts with an idea I get from either Food network, a cookbook, Pinterest, or I just ask Jeff if there’s anything he’s been wanting lately, then I literally either follow the recipe to a T or if I’m up for it I give it my own little upgrade!

I’ve had a few of you ask me about my Maple Dijon Chicken dinner (and yes that shi’ was bomb) but guess what, it came from a recipe off of Pinterest! I definitely switched this one up a bit so here’s my version!

Don’t worry guys, I promise I’ll get a little more creative and “bloggy” with these posts! By the way,  this chicken would be perfect on a salad or panini, just sayin. And side note, Jeff was proud that I finally made just enough food for two people. Yeah I usually cook for an army. What can I say, I’m Armenian. It’s what we do!

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{Tobi x Evie} + {Updates!}

I recently had the chance to work with one of my favorites {Shop Tobi} for a collaboration and show off some of their super cute stuff! I have to admit, one of my favorite things to shoot was this wine colored sweater dress because legit it is the coziest thing and I literally just sat around my house for hours in it drinking my tea… not too bad for a shoot now is it?! The other items are actually pretty perfect for this endless summer we’re having in Newport Beach. I mean what is with this hot weather amiright?  So links are below so you guys can go straight to their site and order these items for yourself!!

Off the Shoulder Sweater dress

Flutter Sleeve Crop Top

Lace Up Shift Dress

What we’ve been up to lately…

So the past few weeks have been kinda crazy. Jeff’s been working a ton and I’ve been missin’ my man. BUT to cope with being home alone a lot, I’ve been making some pretty yummy dinners (which you’ve seen if you’ve been watching my IG stories!).

One of my girlfriends threw an amazing Beetlejuice themed Halloween party last weekend to which I am still recovering from (shout out to the bartender who turned that party up with her heavy pours). It took me a while to decide what I wanted to be but sort of last minute we went with the Day of the Dead costumes {See iPhone pic below}.

And as of lately we’re just gettin through each day, workin away, and thinking about when and where we’re gunna take our next trip! Any suggestions?

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≑ALOHA≑ ↠↞ ✧Høneymøøners✧

So lets just keep this one short shall we? Two days after the wedding, Jeff and I hopped on a plane and jetted off to the gorg island of Maui, Hawaii and spent 11 days in honeymoon heaven. There was snorkeling (lots of it), shaved ice (lots of that too), jumping off of rocks, jungle bungalows, and pretty much anything else you can expect from a Hawaiian honeymoon.

But to give you a better idea…

We spent the first week at the most amazing resort, the Andaz Resort in Wailea where we were totally spoiled and recovered from wedding crazytown. I can’t say enough about how incredible this place is and how much I just LOVE everything about it, from the beyond beautiful room with a even more beautiful view, the fabulous drinks, live music, and so so so many amenities. I never wanted to leave the resort during the day! Luckily one of the best snorkel spots in the area was right out front! Also, totally random but some great friends of ours happen to be staying just a few steps away so we OF COURSE raged with them for a few days (seriously so much fun).

Next we adventured over to the east side of the island and explored the unbelievable towns Hana and Nahiku. We stayed in a super cute cottage right in the middle of the jungle and aside from all of the geckos (sorry but they are kinda gross) we LOVED how secluded we were.

Finally we wrapped up the trip in Kaanapali. We continued the snorkel adventures and enjoyed every last bit of Hawaiian surf and sun and of course lots more shaved ice.

Here’s a ton (sorry) of photos, both styled and fun ones from our amazing trip! But just incase you can’t get enough… heres a fun little video we made from all of our little adventures!!! Side note, let me apologize for the excessive shaka signals. When in Rome amiright?

Jeff + Evie’s Hawaiian Honeymoon Video!




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Wedding Post:: The Showers Edition

And so it begins…

Not to sound cliché, BUT, you guys I seriously cannot believe the wedding is almost here. After almost 6 years of dating, 3 of them living together, and over a year and a half of an engagement. It’s actually happening. If I get one more person asking me if I’m ready…

It’s been a pretty interesting experience, explained a little in a previous post. But it all started to feel all too real this past weekend when my family threw me two absolutely beautiful showers.

The first shower, Saturday night, was a co-ed (couples) shower with a lot of our closest friends. We didn’t do an engagement party, so we wanted the chance to celebrate with our favorites before the big day. It also gave our friends a chance to all get to know each other! Even though we’ve been together for what seems like forever, Jeff and I come from different towns so none of our hometown friends knew each other, and we even got to introduce them to a few of our closest friends from Newport! I have to give a HUGE thank you to my close close close friends (basically family) the Pardini girls for such a gorgeous night and serious mad props on the photographer.

The Dress: And I have to say, I couldn’t the night couldn’t have felt any more special if it weren’t for my girl Brit at Daughters of Simone. She seriously wins the weekend for dressing me in the most gorgeous gown from their bridal line.

The second shower, Sunday morning, was just adorable. My cousin, sisters, and aunt put on a perfect little brunch for the ladies in my life. Talk about details, these girls know how to plan a shower. Not to mean, the cameo at the end by my favorite baby girl and flower girl, my niece little miss Harper Jae, to wrap up a pretty fabulous party! Added a few photos I got from some iPhones. Please excuse the tired eyes from the night before 😉

The Dress: After a couple of months of obsessing, I finally decided I had to have this adorable For Love and Lemons dress for my second shower. Alright so I didn’t go with the obvious all white “bridal” look. But I definitely went big the night before and wanted to change it up a little for Sunday. Other than the print (which I was totally in love with) I was OBSESSED with the babydoll fit and totally girly style. Sorry for the iPhone pics, but I’ll get some better shots in the next couple weeks!

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✧ Øur Little Garden ✧

So a few years ago I mentioned to my dad that I wanted to put some plants around our place. He suggested to start with a few succulents, since he already knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle anything else. Sure ‘nough, the succulents didn’t last more than 2 years. But when we moved to our new place in CDM, we had the perfect deck with incredible sunlight, so Jeff and I decided to give it another go.

We spent some time, ok a lot of time, wandering around Armstrong Garden (you know the one) and after lots of googling and a solid chat with one of the guys working the citrus trees, we decided to adopt a little lemon tree! Offff course we had to get all the little fixin’s to go with Lem- the vitamins, the soil, fertilizer, a cute pot to live in… obviously.

But we couldn’t just go home, nope. Jeff’s been really getting into making fun cocktails and he’s bought fresh herbs at the store for them, but I mean, how much cuter would it be if we had OUR OWN fresh herbs. I’m laughing as I say thing because about 10% of me is like “How much more convenient would it be to have our own herb”, 10% is thinking about how great it would be to grow our own food, and then theres the 80% that can’t wait to put fresh sprigs of garnish and decor all of my table settings and dinners! Don’t judge, you know you would be into too. And also, if you know me then you know I LOVE to cook and clipping off some gorgeous herbs for myself just makes dinner taste that much better- real talk.

The funny thing is, I’m really getting into taking care of my little garden! I can’t wait for my weekend mornings to really give my greens some love. So here’s where we are: Rosemary, thyme, parsley, oregano, basil, sage, and mint! And I can’t wait for my tree to get nice and bright with lots and lots of lemons!

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